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Freight insurance

Accidents happen.  Are your goods fully insured?  Many things can go wrong during transportation; therefore we offer our customer the option of insurance at competitive premiums for cargo, moving to and from Romania by air and road transportation

FENI International goes beyond basic business insurance and treats cargo insurance as part of the complete logistics process. Cargo Insurance is a critical part of the International transportation process.

FENI International cargo insurance assists our customer where ever those might be; we strive to provide a complete service and that is why we involve ourselves for the best of our clients.

Customer Care. Feni International takes the time to meet with you to explain all potential liability issues when shipping internationally and explore options that best suit your individual business or personal needs.

FENI International co-operate with the best companies with trained and professional staff around the world in order to ensure the conduct of comprehensive analysis and investigation, assemble all formal documentation and accurately process claims at both origin and destination.